About me

I’m a history teacher by profession, but my professional career has taken up a different turn. I have worked in an international corporation and in family enterprises, first as an accountant, then as Debt Collection Manager  and Credit Risk Manager. In fact, I managed debt collections of one billion annually, with a low level of bad debts and a positive cash flow. I cooperated with the Sales and Customer Service department, increasing sales and profit, as well as maintaining, for many years, relations with key clients.

My successes not only translated into financial results, but were also appreciated by my co-workers.  I’ve always wanted to be a good manager and this has brought me to personal development, this is why I am a trainer and a coach.

I completed Szkoła Trenerów (School of Trainers), first and second degree, organised by Grupa TROP. I conduct training, but I also mange training processes in a comprehensive way, I assess needs, develop programmes, run workshops, evaluate and prepare recommendations.

I took the “Gallup test” (CliftonStrengths® assessment created by Gallup) and discovered my talents. I worked on them, which has brough positive changes in my professional life. In August 2018, I received an international certificate of Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach at Gallup in London.

You can find me on the list of Gallup certified coaches: Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach Directory.

My strengths

About me

I’m positive and full of energy.

I accompany my clients when they succeed and support them in difficult moments. My passion for development and positive thinking are contagious, I motivate by discovering strengths and building them up.

How I work

The key are relations built on trust and a sense of security. I am fascinated by the fact that every person that works with me is amazing and can teach me something. My job quality is crucial. I see what’s best in people and help them unlock their potential for the outside world.