CliftonStrengths® and Gallup methodology

CliftonStrengths® (formerly StrengthsFinder) assesses your personality and was developed at Gallup. It describes an individual set of 34 strengths, so called talents, and ranks them from the strongest to the weakest one. The first five are so called dominating talents.

We are all talented. The key to success is naming your talents, understanding them and using them in everyday life in a conscious way.

The main aim of the CliftonStrengths® assessment is to help you look at yourself from the outside, notice and appreciate what sometimes seems obvious, in order to identify and free your talents in all endeavours, at work, in business and in relations with others.

For Gallup, Talent it is not a special skill or an ease with which you complete special tasks.

Talents tell you what and how you learn and how you make decisions. They tell you why you find yourself in certain situations and take on specific tasks. They show your thinking styles and motivations. You can use your talents in any activity, job or profession.

  • Talents describe you.
  • They impact your choices and decisions.
  • They direct your actions.
  • They explain why you are better in some fields.
  • They are the lenses through which you look at the world.

CliftonStrengths® assessment, the Gallup test, is just the beginning. If you are wondering where to start, what to invest your time, energy and attention in, Gallup studies show that you should start with your strengths, as once you know your talents, you can develop them and maximise your effectiveness.

No Gallup study shows that people should ignore their weaknesses. It would be reckless, especially at work. This is why it is so important to work with a coach, who will direct you on this difficult path, dispel any doubts, help you choose the right direction, help you manage your weaknesses, deepen your self-awareness and work on your habits.

Gallup Inc.

It’s a global analytics and advisory organisation which helps organisations solve their problems.

  • Over 50 years of studies on success factors in business.
  • Over 50,000 studied organisations.


The study results show an important role of strengths based management. Strengths based development of your employees will maximise their engagement and effectiveness at work, which will bring measurable and tangible results in company’s key business factors.

Strengths based management – results

increasing sales up 19%
profits higher up 29%
employee engagement up 15%
greater staff retention 72%