Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

We help our customers find and understand their strengths so that:

  • They can use them consciously to achieve their goals.
  • They can find their own path.
  • They take up new challenges.
  • They are more aware about what they do.

I use the following Gallup tools in my work with clients:

  • CliftonStrenghts® – also known as “Gallup test”, which identifies your talents,
  • Builder Profile – BP 10, assesses entrepreneurs’ builder talents.

Why should you work using your strengths?

You boost your confidence.

You know which training, literature, etc. to invest in.

You manage your weaknesses better.


You change your habits and behaviours effectively.


The test is just the beginning of your work on soft skills. If you want to develop at work or start something different, the result of the CliftonStrenghts® assessment will show you how you can succeed. This will help you choose your tasks, projects and duties in accordance with your potential.

The Gallup test names natural everyday styles of acting, thinking and making decisions, as well as shows how you build relations and what motivates you.

Coaching session

The starting point are the results of the CliftonStrenghts® assessment, as your talents are the basis for developing your strengths.

This is how you can:

  • Work on the strategies to deal with your weaknesses.
  • Set developmental goals.
  • Draw up action plans.

Who do i work with?

Managers, employees at various organisational levels, entrepreneurs, people in search of a career path or changing their careers, the youth.

Working on your strengths is a personal development tool, but it also improves the way teams and organisations work. It helps people cooperate more effectively, understand each other better, and have their roles and tasks in projects matched.