I am a certified trainer of the TROP method, I manage training processes in a comprehensive way, I prepare tailor-made sessions, implement and develop programmes of potential management for managers and employees.

Training process

Assessing the needs

I identify the team’s difficulties and the company’s strengths.

Programme preparation

Based on the real needs of the client and their employees.


I run team coaching sessions, action learning sessions, I moderate and facilitate meetings.


I evaluate the changes introduced through to the training in multiple ways, e.g. through a follow-up.


I propose a development path for team members.

During my workshop, you can slow down and look at how you behave in a group and a team.

People learn from each other. Learning is a multi-stage process, takes time and has to be first and foremost practical and consistent with learning styles of team members.

Why TROP method

I observe people, talk to them, react to their needs, change the plan, if needed, and adapt it to the group.

I believe in people, I notice their potential and help them discover it.

It is important for me to give a sense of security, so that participants can exhibit certain behaviours in a safe environment, receive supporting feedback and exchange their experiences.

Practice is crucial, the whole training process is supposed to help participants translate the knowledge and skills that they obtain into everyday work and life.

My values

What matters to be in a training room:

  • Authenticity;
  • Sense of purpose;
  • Practical dimension;
  • Empathy;
  • Working in harmony with yourself.

This is how you can be effective and build partnerships.

I’ve always taken care of the sense of purpose of participants, so that they feel that they used the time well and can use the content in practice.

Training topics

Talent and strengths development in teams


Teams management


First-time manager – for beginners

Developmental training for experienced managers


Training for HR departments, as well as Learning & Development


Communication and soft skills development